Nanny – Tutor – Maternity Nursing Role

Nannies will be responsible for the safe well-being and care of children in a variety of environments and situations.

Vast professional training programmes and qualifications exist, Norland and Chiltern are two well recognized.

There are several other National academic diplomas and standards that can be considered.

Other details for nannies to consider, jobs can be daily or live in, or a combination of both to suit you and your employer’s requirements. Duties may include taking children to school, helping with homework, academic & nonacademic activities, child development & learning. Some light cooking for children and taking care of their laundry.

A Tutor / Nanny position will include a combination of nanny roles with a greater focus on education and after school classes. Either general or specific subjects. A sole tutor focusing on education topics only.

A Governess being employed to teach and train children covering a multitude of subjects, although these positions today are less popular than in the past.

Maternity – nannies – night nannies or nurses predominately focuses on new born children, daily nurses, night nurses, 24hr nursing care, Kraamzorg nursing, depending on specific care and support required.

All will possess a multitude of skills, not only caring for children, being organized and calm in difficult and busy environments, good standard of education, thoughtful and patient. The ability to drive in certain locations, honest & reliable.