House Manager Role

For many years the role of a House Manager, Estate Manager, Majordomo and head butler would have varied considerably, but this is no longer the case. The differences in these roles today are marginal and head butlers or senior butlers can be considered house managers, and vice versa.

As household employees are becoming more hands on and multi skilled the need for intricate private staffing levels has reduced, and born from this is the modern day butler, a super all-rounder with impeccable standards, absolute multi tasker.

With this in mind a job title for such a role is dependent on the family or business organization’s individual requirements.

So a House manager role actively involved with the daily service of a household can be identical to a butler position involved in household management. Either way such duties can and will include, formal table service, drinks service, valeting and footman duties as well as care for fine wines & spirits, caring & cleaning silver, china, glass. Care of antiques & artworks, some experience in art handling and shipping maybe an advantage.

Not forgetting recruiting, training, supervision & discipline. Managing household inventories, and care of other valuable items. Household accounts / petty cash. Swimming pool & leisure facility care, and maintenance. You may also be required in assisting in property sales, purchasing cars and other high value items.

A modern day Butler can encompass a large skill set, and it is very much an advantage for Private Domestic Service staff to develop their ability to multi task and always looking to add to their current skills. The ability to drive / chauffeur, cook, personal assistant duties, manage events, household and personal security would all be an advantage from an employer’s perspective. It has even been known for staff to study for a Pilot’s licence enabling them to fly principles in private aircraft, although this seems more common in sunnier climates.

As you see there is no limit to the experience a butler / house manager / estate manager / majordomo can have to make them the best possible candidate for the job. Also consider location, as managing households in Cities vary considerably to managing Country properties. Country knowledge of organizing shooting & fishing party weekends, care of guns, boats and other equipment maybe an advantage

So if you have butler experience, and are able to run a household smoothly on a day to day basis, while effortlessly managing your staff and delivering impeccable standards to your principles, you may have what it takes to bag yourself a super career in Private Domestic Service.