Estate Management Couples / House Management Couples Role

An Estate Management Couple role will vary considerably. Whether running the property in a rural or urban setting, the role will very much depend on the size and purpose of the estate.

Rural estates are more likely to involve productive agricultural land. Therefore a background in farming could be an advantage. Whereas urban estates are likely to be smaller, not necessarily farming related. Experience in commercial estate management and residential management would be relevant.

Both roles will inevitably require vast experience in cost effective property management.

Other duties can include:-

Managing staff. Including interviewing, hiring, continuous training, development & discipline.

Liaising and directing outside contractors, budget control, tendering, successfully managing projects within a time frame while best representing the principles at all times.

Some properties may require daily housekeeping, cooking, vehicle maintenance & gardening.

A couple will manage their individual responsibilities effectively, and demonstrate professionalism at all times. Often accommodation is included on site, therefore adding a degree of additional security.