Chauffeur Role

A Chauffeur possesses a multitude of skills to facilitate most importantly the smooth & safe transportation of their client. City or rural based, knowledge of the area is an absolute must, particularly in larger cities such as London, Birmingham & Manchester having thorough road knowledge is always sought after.

Chauffeurs are usually private or corporate based, and the two roles can vary considerably depending on the requirements.

Not only will a chauffeur be responsible for arranging maintenance of vehicles, they will be expected to keep the vehicles clean to a very high standard both inside and out. Simple maintenance will be checked regularly, tyre pressures, oil, water & other fluid levels. Small stock of other items may include water, travel sweets, hand towels, newspapers and so on.

You will need to be flexible, discreet, smart in appearance as well as demonstrating confidentiality & integrity, chauffeur etiquette & protocol at all times.

Other duties may include:

Schools runs, errands and courier duties, restaurants and theatre bookings.

Simple office duties & house maintenance, if time permits.

Personal security experience for principles maybe required, and of course advanced driving courses would also benefit, some to consider would be defence driving, advanced car control, mobile security awareness, and collision avoidance. These courses are simple to arrange and a RoSPA advanced driving diploma gained on completion.

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